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Certifications & Education

  • Health & Wellness Certification for Health Coaching (Nutrition, weight management, stress management, etc.; 2021)
  • Board Certified Mental Health Coach First Responder (2020 – Present; AACC; IBCC)
  • Board Certified Marriage and Family Coach (2017 – Present; IBCC; Light University)
  • Board Certified Life Coach (2017 – Present; PLC – Professional Life Coach; AACC; IBCC)
  • Dr. Dobson Marriage and Family Specialist (2017 – Present; IBCC; Light University)
  • Biola University’s Graduate School – Master’s Certificate in Christian Apologetics (2018)
  • University of Michigan Master of Social Work (MSW) Certificate (15-credit university-issued Master’s Certificate and career credential; In Process; 2020-2021)
  • University of Michigan Graduate Course Certificate; Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change – Graduate-level Certificate (2020)
  • University of Michigan Graduate Course; Engaging Social Justice, Diversity and Oppression in Social Work (2021)
  • University of Michigan Graduate School of Social Work: Essentials of Community and Organizational Practice (2021)
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas Lee Business School Degree (B.S. Business Administration; Business Management Emphasis; 2003)


  • Member – International Board of Christian Care (IBCC)
  • Presidential Member – American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
  • Member – Christian Care Connect
  • Lifetime Member – World Christianship Ministries
  • Charter Member – International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA)

Writing Background

  • Author of an educational book on cult abuse; helping cult victims and their families (2019; Pseudonym)*
  • Author of a book about spiritual abuse recovery (2016 – Present; In process)
  • Volunteer researcher and team member (writer) for a book exposing an international cult (2018-2019)
  • Contributor at The Christian Post Blog (2012-2016)
  • Writer at The Examiner (2009-2016)
  • Contributor and cover designer of a sold-out small book, co-authored with Pocket Testament League
  • Co-founder of a Bible-based pastoral/evangelistic outreach in Kisii, Kenya (2012-2016)
  • Creator of a web-based support group for cult victims and their families to empower them and give them a platform for their voices (2013 – Present)
  • Volunteer Spiritual Abuse Recovery Coach and victim’s advocate for cult victims and their families (2010 – Present)
  • Author and Creator (volunteer work) of numerous research, discernment and apologetics articles, websites, educational videos and other publications including a large research publication which exposed an international destructive cult (2012 – Present; Pseudonym)

Additional Training & Education

  • University of Geneva Graduate Course Certificate; Humanitarian Communication: Addressing Key Challenges (2020-2021)
  • Yale University’s Department of Psychology Course Certificate; Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology Dr. Paul Bloom (Psychology, cognitive science, memory, etc.; 2020)
  • Johns Hopkins University Graduate Course Certificate; Psychological First Aid Crisis Response taught by George Everly Jr., Ph.D. (2020)
  • Online Writing program Pixels to Platform taught by MFA Graduate and Author Gabriela Pereira (2019)
  • Online MFA courses taught by MFA Graduate and Author Gabriela Pereira (2017)
  • Certificate in Marriage Mentoring and Couples Coaching (AACC; 2018)
  • Certificate in Grief and Loss Coaching (AACC; 2018)
  • Interpersonal Neuroscience (2020; In Process)
  • Military Care and Counsel 2.0 (2020; In Process)
  • Caring For Seniors 201 (2020; In Process)
  • Caring For Seniors 101 (2020; In Process)
  • Caring For Teens Classes (2020; In Process)
  • Affairs and Sexual Betrayal 2.0 (2020; In Process)
  • Grief, Loss and Complicated Grief Classes (AACC)
  • Sexual Addictions and Modern Sexual Distortions Classes (AACC)
  • Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical and Developmental Framework (AACC; 2017)
  • Children and Adolescents: Issues and Strategies (AACC; 2017)
  • Theology and Spiritual Gifts Course (Jacksonville Theological Seminary)
  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling (2020; In Process)
  • Social Psychology Graduate Coursework (Social psych. coursework at Walden University)
  • Physical Fitness: Helping Individuals Create a Maintainable Plan (AACC; 2021)
  • The Psychology of Weight Management (AACC; 2021)
  • The Stress Epidemic: Battling the Enemy of Wellness (AACC; 2021)
  • Sleep: A Foundation for Good Health (AACC; 2021)
  • Brain Health: Wellness for One of Your Most Important Vital Organs (AACC; 2021)
  • Pain: Helping Clients Manage Chronic Pain Conditions (AACC; 2021)
  • Men’s Health: Working Toward Wellness in Men (AACC; 2021)
  • Women’s Health: Working Toward Wellness in Women (AACC; 2021)
  • Coaching Couples in the Five Love Languages Course (2018)
  • MMCC 101: Marriage: Keeping Love Alive Course (2018)
  • GLC 101: Experiential Techniques for Grief Coaching (2018)
  • Ordained Christian minister (Ordained by two ministries; Religious license in good standing)

I have been thankful for the opportunity to learn from many theologians, psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed therapists, including my favorites Sherri Keffer, Ph.D., Paul Bloom (Yale University), Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A. and Dr. Paul Meier (Meier Clinics).

In striving for excellence and to help benefit those I support, I am constantly investing time and resources in increasing my knowledge and effectiveness through networking with professionals and pursuing further education. I enjoy staying current on scientific research and health and wellness news. My goal is to complete a certification training process in 2021 to serve as a Certified Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach.

I love hearing from readers. If you have anything of interest you would like to share with me, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

*I wrote a counter-cult help book about mind control and cult abuse. I wrote under a pen name, but please let me know if you are interested in it. The book also comforts and educates parents worldwide who have lost their sons and daughters to cults in order to reduce their suffering. In the book, I included my participant observations, non-anecdotal evidence, case studies and other research designs. I also write about the respect for and importance of diversity (such as religious diversity).