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15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse: Book Review

time management

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The spiritual gift of discernment and motivational gifts of the spirit: The supernatural motivation to detect error and speak truth

The spiritual gift of discernment

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Why I Won’t Attend any Church Without Clear Policies on Handling Abuse – Testing the Spirits

Thank you, Jennifer, for creating this article about your experience at Calvary Chapel. Church abuse is horrific. If you are like the countless individuals who have experienced church abuse at Calvary Chapel, you know that it can feel bewildering. Church abuse is no joke. It’s the worst kind. It is good to be a voice …

Narcissistic and Spiritual Abuse: How to Feel Safe with Others Again After Spiritual Abuse — Our Unseen Hope

Spiritual abuse, otherwise known as clergy abuse or religious abuse, is a great evil and social injustice. Spiritual abuse is a common tactic of the narcissistic pastor. Spiritual abuse from a narcissist is simply the worst. In addition to abusing others physically, emotionally and/or psychologically, the abuse has a definite spiritual element. I enjoyed reading …


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