Spiritual Abuse Recovery

Spiritual Abuse Recovery

There is healing ahead.

Spiritual abuse is a form of emotional abuse which happens when a narcissistic, legalistic and/or unsafe religious leader spiritually, verbally and/or emotionally abuses those in his or her care under the guise of religion (in the name of God and/or spirituality). It happens frequently in many religious settings. It can happen even in “safe-looking” evangelical groups.

As a coach and with my experiential knowledge, I help those recovering from destructive cults (two groups in particular, please ask if you are interested). I also help their families through compassionate support and education.

I also provide consulting for ministries adversely affected by narcissism and/or spiritual abuse.

When it comes to severe cases of trauma or medical issues, I am happy to provide resources. I am neither a healthcare provider nor a government-licensed trauma counselor.

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