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The aim of Cardinal Care Group is to listen, engage and educate in order to offer care, support, hope and guidance to the oppressed and marginalized, to provide tips and resources for individuals, caregivers, groups and organizations, and to raise awareness of social injustice and public health related topics.

Cardinal Care Group is an educational social work research service (volunteer/not for profit) with the aim of making the world a safer place for all.

I created Cardinal Care Group to contribute to the public good by raising awareness of important public health issues. I provide trauma-sensitive, evidence-based educational materials using mixed methods research.

Those who have suffered religious or cult abuse from coercive-control groups and destructive cults, especially our youth and elderly population, are part of the reason for my research and writing. There is a vast wasteland of victims who remain hidden from society’s view.

I am thankful to be a part of American Association of Christian Counselors’ growing effort to promote a high standard of excellence and ethics within tax-exempt religious organizations, the mental health community, and government agencies.

On this website you will also find topics related to gifted adults and children, empaths/the highly sensitive person (HSP), trauma healing, social psychology/interpersonal neuroscience, human rights, and more.

We should never stop learning!

Social work and social scientific research are my passions. I write highly detailed, investigative non-fiction books and articles dedicated to addressing public health problems.

You should know that I am a researcher and have many mental health certifications, but I am neither a medical professional nor a licensed social worker (see the Disclaimer at the top of this page). Certified mental health coaches and Christian counselors differ from government-licensed therapists. Please visit this PAGE for more information on this topic.

“Social work practice is a public trust that requires of its practitioners: integrity, compassion, belief in the dignity and worth of human beings, respect for individual differences, a commitment to service, and a dedication to truth.” – From the NASW News (Feb. 1961), retrieved at the NASW website (January 30, 2017)