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Toxic Relationships and Trusting God With Anxiety

What is the opposite of anxiety? How do we heal from toxic relationships and emotional abuse? The way I see it is that fear is the emotion/anticipation of a real threat. Anxiety is the emotion/anticipation of an imagined threat. A lot of our anxieties and fears come from traumas of the past. These can be traumas from past relationships through traumatic memory. Our brains learn to expect certain outcomes. Individuals involved in unsafe coercive-control groups or destructive cults have traumatic memories that linger for many years.

Our first primal fear is a fear of heights (that is, a fear of being dropped). We all learn this as small children. There is no shame in this. It’s a survival thing.

Today I wanted to write a small article with a Bible-based perspective on anxiety. We can remember the following about God:

☀️ He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).

☀️ We can press on from the past, receive forgiveness, forgive others and forgive ourselves.

☀️ We can have faith that God will bind up our wounds if we ask (Psalm 147:3; Mark 11:24).

☀️ Let the past be a lesson for today and the future, not an anchor.

☀️ Stay in the arena and fight for what we believe in, letting everything fall to the wayside that was and is a weight that hinders.

☀️ We can let go of the fear of people because it’s a trap. We can trust God instead.

If you are dealing with fear, anxiety or trauma from toxic relationships you are certainly not alone!

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Xx Becky

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